Flow-Pack Machines

UNIQUE XK is a great invention: 

UNIQUE XK introduces a new era in wrapping technology and, in comparison to other flow pack machines with similar features, it costs less than half.

The operator does not have to run after the machine working but it is the machine adapting itself to the operator. UNIQUE XK is equipped with an easy touch-screen display designed by R&D ITALDIBIPACK, for a fast setting of different working parameters, controlled and operated through a PLC unit.

The Unique XK differs from the Unique model because it has a fixed inclination of 45º.


  • Double pair of sealing wheels.
  • Trasversal sealing with “cut and seal” jaws, vertical closure.
  • Adjustable conformer to facilitate and expedite format changes.
  • Feeding speed adjustable through the PLC.
  • Temperature of the “cut and seal” jaws and the sealing wheels electronically controlled by the PLC.

UNIQUE XK can be equipped with a large number of optional to extend its applications in an incredible way.

  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Several feeders to facilitate and speed up the loading of products.
  • Thermal transfer printer.
  • Photo-eye for registered printed films.
  • Crossed reading photo-eye for automatic detection of product’s length, to work and pack sequence of products with different length.
  • Further optional are available upon request to satisfy the 
    most different packing needs and necessities.


3 kW

Dimensões da Máquina

750 x 1000 x 1400 mm

Dimensões Mínimas do Saco

10 x 10 x 0 mm

Dimensões Máximas do Saco

oo x 300 x 180 mm

Largura Máxima do Rolo

700 mm


300 kg


15/20 sacos/min

Power supply

220V - 1ph

Max power required

3 kW

Overall dimensions

750 x 1000 x 1400 mm

Machine weight

300 kg

Min bag dimensions

10 x 10 x 0 mm

Max bag dimensions

oo x 300 x 180 mm

Max roll widht

700 mm

Indicative Output

15/20 pz/min

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