Multihead Weighers

Multihead scale and combination weighers are the best solution to weigh products at a high speed with major reliability.

Multihead Weighers with 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 hoppers of 0,5 - 1,5 - 2,5 - 5 - 7 litters of capacity.

The Multihead Weighers are made of stainless steel to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


  • 15" Industrial Touch-Screen Windows 7®. Up to 1000 products;
  • 32 bits Processor, allow fast and accurate combinations;
  • Mixing up to 4 product in one Multihead Weigher;
  • Dual packer control and dual feeder control;
  • Full integral control (weigher + bagger+ metal detector);
  • Operation login, individual statics data;
  • Top cone loadcell for feeding control;
  • Bucket capacity control, display real bucket level;
  • High speed production, up to 180 d.p.m.;
  • High accuracy combination, up to 16 heads;
  • Up to 5 kg. per bucket, 0.1 grams of precision;
  • Manifold dumpss with auto-compensation;
  • Single vibrator amplitude control to easy combination;
  • Single vibrator frecuency tuning for resonance search;
  • Full auto-learning for vibration, weighing and counting;
  • Units-counting software, unit-trend feature;
  • Weight stability control, assures correct weighing;
  • Full step-motor control, reverse, double clamp;
  • Step-motor sensor failure detection;
  • Bucket and combination over-weight control;
  • Product alarm, standby when lack of product;
  • Empty bucket alarm, detects bucket failure;
  • Auto-cerp alarm, detects stucked product;
  • Combination alarm, avoids bad combinations;
  • Staggered dump, to avoid stuck products in the output tube;
  • Fast draining, open all buckets at same time;
  • Microsoft exce®l export fot statics;
  • Remote assistance by internet.


  • Wifi control;
  • WebCam Support;
  • Stainless Steel full IP65;
  • Rotation main feeder control;
  • Dual collect bucket option.

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