Vertical Packaging Machines

The SLIM-210 series of vertical packaging machines is specially designed for packaging snacks and smallpieced products into pillow bags. It delivers all necessary conditions for creating high-quality seals at high speed.

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Tight and good-looking seals with Powerseal Technology

The special Powerseal mechanism drives the cross sealing jaws, which exert the necessary force to achieve perfect seals with a wide range of films.



The SLIM-210 machine (TWIN version) is able to pack up to 400 bags/minute

400x 1min v2 


Ease of Operation

  • Human-machine interface For intuitive setting of the machine’s operational parameters.
  • A powerful industrial PC with a large color touch screen.
  • Customizable control via icons or buttons with text descriptions.
  • Assistance in choosing operating parameters.
  • 500 memory settings for operating parameters (programs) with export and backup. Possibility of automatic selection of programs by scanning a barcode.
  • Identification of the machine operator via card or RFID chip.
  • User manual, wiring diagram, etc. can be accessed on the terminal‘s touch screen.
  • Image Manager - Import, export, and delete images via the terminal and even capture images from the system’s camera.
  • Video Manager – Upload and playback of videos.
  • Dataservice Visual.

scan go v2


VT+ Modules (Versatile Technology)

VT+ modules simplify setup of film unwinding features when changing format and thus reduce demands on the skills of the operator.

  • Unwinding packaging film roll automatically adjusts all set operating parameters of the machine.
  • Position of foil edge sensor and photo cell. Position adjustable by servomotor. Position setting can be saved to memory.
  • Positions of film rollers. For location of print data (label) and for adjusting the entrance angle of the film on the collar. Electronically monitored. Position setting can be saved to memory.

Easy to Maintain

  • Dataservice support.
  • Monitoring of service intervals, depending on the type of machine operation.
  • Extensive self-diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Ability to set access rights to individual controls.
  • Sensors with connectors for easy replacement.
  • Interactive manual and spare parts catalogue for each specific machine configuration.
  • Automatic check for pneumatic leaks.


Extend the Funcionality of the Pillow Bags

Snimek obrazovky 2017 06 04 v11.58.40

Choose a functional package for your product. These options of modifications extend the functionality of your exclusive pillow bags created on the vertical packaging equipment. 

Only 750 mm Wide

700mm v7

Knowing how important space is to our customers in the snack industry, VELTEKO paid careful attention to reducing the width and overall footprint of the machine.

Technical Data

Power Supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Air pressure

0.6 MPa

Operating Mode

SLIM-210 3-axis continuous SLIM-210-TWIN 2 x 3-axis continuous


SLIM-210 up to 200 bags/min SLIM-210-TWIN up to 400 bags/min

Max. dimension of cross seal


Max. film width


Power Supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Air pressure

0.6 MPa


Here you can see the list of all the consumables we have at your disposal

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