Metal Detectors

Industrial Metal Detectors check for the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants inside products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The high sensitivity and advanced functions of self-check, phase adjustment and tracking unite the utmost reliability with a reduction in losses due to false rejects.

The range, thanks to different sized passages and conveyors, stands out for how wide it is; in fact, it includes instruments to check packaged and loose foods, tray food, tablets and powders, all the while respecting the hygiene and safety control standards (ISO-FDA HACCP).

The top quality of the components and materials ensures great machine sturdiness and longevity, just as the simple design and easily removable and washable conveyors allow for quick cleaning and maintenance.

The intuitive graphic display interface ensures quick learning and fast configuration and product change, maximising productivity.

Our Range

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