<h3>Turn-key engineering solutions for automatic packing. Developed with the customer as an integral part of our production process, to be implemented in factories, in the food or non-food industry.</h3>

Tailor-made Projects for Packaging

Turn-key engineering solutions for automatic packing.

<p>The purpose of food packaging is to avoid contamination of products by micro-organisms, to guarantee a longer shelf life so that the product reaches the consumer in compliance with all safety and hygiene rules.<br />
<br />
ALBIPACK offers the following solutions for packaging fresh food, Take-Away ready meals, among others.</p>

Take Away Packaging Solutions

<p>The sterile state is difficult to maintain. In fact, it is a condition that can only be garanteed if the sealing system is perfectly airtight and resistant to preserve the sterile object from external environment. The packaging of sanitized products is essential to keep your employees and customers protected and safe from viruses and bacteria until the packaging is opened for consumption or use.</p>

Packaging Sanitized Products

<p>There are several types of sealing in the packaging world. Starting with impulse sealers, which are an economical and reliable solution for companies of smaller production, without neglecting the professional aspect of their packaging.</p>

<p>Heat shrink solutions are one of the best known technologies and are a very valid option for many types of industries, from baking to ceramics or plastic.</p>

<p>As packaging has evolved, thermosealing solutions have been in high demand, especially in the food sector with the growing demand for ready meals.</p>

<p>See our range of sealing machines.</p>

Sealing Solutions

<p>Vacuum solutions contribute to the increase of the self-life of food products.</p>

Vacuum Solutions

<p>Automated weighing solutions allow great control over the working area dedicated to weight packaging.</p>

<p>Weighing equipment is usually associated with other equipment that allows the complete packaging of products. From multi-head weighers to integrated weighing and filling solutions, you can find the right equipment for accurate weighing of the products to be packed.</p>

Automatic Weighing Solutions

<p>The end of production line is one of the most important processes to ensure proper packaging of the finished product.</p>

<p>We offer a complete range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging solutions consisting of box forming and closing machines, pallet wrapping, palletising machines, product handling and transport systems.</p>

End of line Solutions

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