Pallet Wrapping Machines

If the product isn’t loaded onto a wrapping machine, it’s the wrapping machine that moves around the product. Here’s OSCAR is designed for versatility and mobility needs, where immediate “on site” wrapping is needed.

It can be easily moved thanks to handlebar equipped with buttons for handling or moved with forklift. 

Robot OSCAR V.1 features: 

  • Film carrier with mechanical brake




  • Wrapping height detected by photocell
  • Variable film carrier speed from 3 to 5 m/min.
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Speed adjustment up to 1,1 m/s with gradual start and stop
  • Advanced working cycle programming



  • Patented driving and traction system
  • Manual movement with push buttons on directional rudder
  • Hinged column for transport





  • Top and bottom reinforcement wrapping
  • Flashing light and sound signal
  • Reinforcement wrapping with “step” cycle
  • Separate film tension adjustment for each cycle position
  • Intermediate reinforcement with altitude and speed setting
  • End film and film breaking report
  • Battery status report

Technical Data

Dimensions WxLxH

690x1060x2100 mm

Minimum package

600mm x 600mm

Working range per charge

more than 250 pallets

Complete charging cycle

8 hours (on-board charger)

Column height





Here you can see the list of all the consumables we have at your disposal

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