Thermosealing Skin Machines

ATM Packaging Technology

BMB supports the customer in selecting the most suitable solution. Our proposal consists in innovative and customized solutions in every phase of the packaging in Protective Atmosphere to achieve maximum results. The quality of the packaging process in Protective Atmosphere (ATM) plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the prolongation of shelf life in a natural way.The principle of this technology is to replace the air in the package with a gas mixture. The shelf life of the product is extended up to four, five times or more compared to the shelf life.One of the advantages of packaging in a Protective Atmosphere is that it preserves and increases safety and protection.This type of packaging can be obtained using all thermosealers, thermoforming packaging machines, and vacuum chamber packers, BMB.

Modes of use

Vacuum-packing - Method

Vacuum packaging prolongs the shelf life of the products. The maintenance of the organic product thus has a prolonged life span. With the vacuum technique, the oxidation process is inexorably slowed down. This prevents the development of microbacteria and preserves the product's freshness for longer. Thanks to the vacuum, the product is also fixed to the packaging in order to create additional protection. All BMB machine lines can be used to vacuum-pack any type of material and consistency. A protected and perfectly preserved end product is guaranteed.

Modes of use

SKIN - Method

Imagine that you have just prepared a sauce or a sauce for the first dishes to serve in your restaurant: every chef knows that you can not prepare fresh condiments every day and, for this, it is essential to find the best way to preserve the preparations and avoid losing flavor. To do this, it is essential to use tray heatsealers that can perfectly isolate the preparations and maintain the taste always unchanged. Obviously, it's not just about sauces and condiments: the tray heatsealers are designed to perfectly close trays of different sizes and with different contents. It ranges from the use in small and large restaurants to the use in the centers of production of fresh cheese, and then move on to companies that are involved in the production of preserves of various kinds: similar machinery is a must have for every sector and proves to be a truly indispensable investment.

Modes of use

Thermosealing Machine OverSkin TSS 126

Thanks to OVERSKIN technology, the TSS126 semi-automatic pneumatic thermosealing machine allows not only traditional tray sealing, but also the packaging of protruding products, such as cuts of fine meat or crustaceans, with bulges extending up to 40mm. The technological efficiency of the TSS126 machine can be combined with the new packaging in cardboard with customizable graphics, for innovative sealing with a strong aesthetic impact.

Technical Data


590 x 750 x 1640 mm


190 kg

Sealing plate dimensions

420 x 280 mm

Tray max sizes

100 mm (optional: 150 mm)

Film max sizes

250 x 470 mm



Air consumption

13 NI

Pneumatic feeding

6-8 bar

Electric feeding

380V 3P+N+T 16A

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