ALBIPACK becomes PRISMA INDUSTRIALE's new official distributor in Portugal for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

This partnership, recently established, aims to reinforce Albipack's focus in presenting the best technological solutions to its customers.
With over 35 years of experience, Prisma is a global reference company in the field of inspection and quality control.
This is the birth of Prisma's representation in Portugal, by Albipack, cementing its presence in the country with a service of proximity to the customer.


Metal Detectors

The Metal Detectors verify the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants inside the products, ensuring the rejection of defective parts from the production line.

High sensitivity and advanced self-checking, phase adjustment, and screening functions result in maximum reliability with reduced losses from false rejects.

The superior quality of the components and materials guarantee high robustness and longevity of the machine, while allowing quick cleaning and maintenance operations.


PRISMA Checkweighers range stands out for its extension and configuration, in order to find for each customer's needs, the most adequate solution for the sector, product and type of packaging.

The intuitive touch screen interface allows quick learning, as well as quick configuration and change of the product, thus maximizing productivity.

The weighing precision of some of the equipment stands out, reaching up to ± 0.05 g.


X-Ray Machines

The X-Ray machines base their operation on density differences, that is, on the different levels of ray absorption by objects not related to the product, performing a non-destructive test radiography.

Detectable contaminants: bones, stones, ceramics, PVC, Teflon, glass, rubber, fiberglass, non-ferrous and non-magnetic materials, stainless steels, among others.

The low levels of radiation used do not damage or adulterate the product, maintaining the safety of consumption of any food.


Benefits of this equipment

Return on Investment

Prisma's range of equipment allows great savings, drastically reducing product waste, false detections or production stoppages. Everything translates into a fast return on investment, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the durability of the equipments, which represent the state of the art.


The ISO 9001 Quality Management System proves the quality in all the company's management processes; in addition, its equipment is certified in Food Safety, having the BRC Global Standards certificate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All stainless steel equipment and easily dismountable mats facilitate the washing cycles of the equipment.


All equipment has a wide variety of options, thus allowing us to find solutions that meet the needs of all customers. 

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