Checkweigher for large products and completeness check, with MID approval option.

With a maximum capacity of 40,000 gr, an accuracy of ± 5 gr and a production rate of 60 ppm, it is a top-level piece of equipment suitable for checking bags, cartons and kegs.

The detection occurs via a double load cell weighing system positioned on a belt conveyor.

It has an IP54 degree of protection and can be paired with roller inlet and outlet systems.

Dual Weighing System

The weight is measured using a double load cell system. The two cells are positioned on the sides of the weighing plate, which allows the machine to be cleaned more quickly and efficiently than under other conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and production line downtimes. Furthermore, this system ensures extremely high precision even at high speeds.

Advanced and intuitive electronics

Digital touch screen, with an auto-calibration device and storage for 200 weighing programs. It has an Ethernet connection and 2 RS232 C ports. Access is protected by a multi-level password, so as to reduce human error to a minimum.

Stable, safe and easy-to-maintain mechanics

The Weight Controller has 3 conveyors, feeder, scale and feeder, supported by a stainless steel structure, which gives stability to the equipment, eliminating vibrations and disturbances.


Equipment made in Italy, manufactured entirely in stainless steel, capable of withstanding intense washing cycles, which can be done extremely quickly thanks to the quick-disassembly plates.

Compliance with Standards

This equipment complies with ISO-FDA HACCP, key directives (including but not limited to: OIML R51 - MID directives, FDA approvals, FAT/SAT IQ/OQ) and meets customer guidelines and standards (including but not limited to: BRC and Mark & Spencer).

Return on Investment

Prisma's range of equipment allows for major savings, drastically reducing product waste, false detections or production stoppages. Everything translates into a fast return on investment, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the durability of the state-of-the-art equipment.

Technical Data

Weighing Range

Up to 40,000 gr

Decimal places

From 5 gr

Linear Speed

Up to 50 m/min


Up to 60 ppm


± 5 gr

Power supply

230 V 50/60 Hz single phase

Electrical consumption

1000 W

Climatic Environment

5ºC to 40ºC

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