Flow-Pack Machines

Carina is an Automatic Horizontal Flow-Pack Machine. It works with a flat sheet plastic coil to make a "pillow-pack" bag with 3 welds - two transverse welds and a longitudinal one. Equipment suitable for the food and technical sector.

  • Main machine structure in painted steel  RAL 9006 and stainless steel AISI 304  guards;

  • Cantee-lever style construction with all the mechanical transmissions positioned behind the machine separated from the product flow area;

  • 2100mm long infeed conveyor (usable loading space 1400mm approx.) complete with stainless steel AISI 304 deck plates and side guards;

  • Food grade nylon pushers and pushers supports;

  • Longitudinal fin seal assembly carried out by 2 sets of independent fin wheels diameter 120mm. First set is for pulling, second one is for sealing;

  • One up-rotary motion sealing assembly with 240mm wide jaws and transverse or longitudinal sealing pattern complete with inclined cutting knife assembly. Sealing surface width of 12,5mm;

  • Electronic torque limiter on transverse sealing jaws;

  • Motorization by means of 3 brushless motors, one for the infeed conveyor, one for fin wheels assembly and one for transverse jaws assembly;

  • One self centering cantilever film roll holder 500mm wide from the top;

  • Discharge conveyor belt one meter long;

  • Shock proof Plexiglas safety guards with safety micro switches;

  • Color touchscreen with capacity to store up to 99 working programs;

  • One adjustable or one fixed forming box;

  • The machine's direction orientation is from the left to the right as shown on general catalog;

  • Pneumatic components: FESTO;

  • Machine built in accordance with CE standards;

  • Voltage: 400V , 3PH , T+N

Technical Data



L x W (Machine) A

2840 x 1020 mm

Lenght of the Conveyor Belt A

1600 mm

Width of the Product A

10-220 mm

Length of the Product A

50-600 mm

Height of the Product A

1-120 mm

Maximum diameter of the Film Coil A

350 mm

Maximum Width of the Plastic A

450 mm


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