Pallet Wrapping Machines

The wrapping machines with rotating table are developed and built for wrapping pallets of products with stretch film in a complete automatic mode, without operator.

The automatic machine is conceived to be integrated in automatic packaging lines, where products are palletised and transported towards the wrapping machine (normally placed at the end of the line), then wrapped with stretch film as per the selected program, and finally transported to the very end of the line where they will be taken for loading a truck.


  • Pallet height detected by photocell;
  • Motorized film pre-stretch with 1 or 2 motors;
  • Variable speed of film carrier completely customizable;
  • Working cycles controlled by PLC Siemens S7-1200 and control panel KTP700;
  • 10 customizable working cycles;
  • All motors controlled by inverter;
  • Pallet dimensions 1200×1200 mm h=2400 mm;
  • Load capacity 2000 kg;
  • Tension 400V-50Hz;
  • Automatic film cut system.


  • Film welding system
  • Smart Touch control panel


All models of SPINNY S300 are equipped with a high-performance MOTORIZED PRE-STRETCH SYSTEM. The power pre-stretch is a special device which allows the best utilization of the stretch film quantity: moreover, it permits to wrap light and unsteady pallets that couldn’t be wrapped with different frictioning systems. The stretch film is supplied in the right quantity by the rollers that are operated by a motor, which is controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the film tension constant on the whole pallet’s surface. The motorized pre-stretch system allows an efficiency of film up to 300%.


The DUAL MOTOR version is designed to let you save even more film, obtaining more economic advantages. Based on the same principle of the single motor version, the DUAL MOTOR system offers variable stretch factor up to 400%!

Technical Data

Dimensions of the Pallet

1200x1200x2400 mm

Max. Load Weight

2000 Kg

Electric Supply

400V - 50Hz

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