Vertical Packaging Machines

Vertical form, fill and seal machine, model COLORADO PP/PE , controlled by PLC.

"Step-by-step" loading mat with compartments to place the products to be packed. Advance timing in Automatic with programmable time, or in Manual with Start via operator pedal. Constructed in painted steel profile.

General technical characteristics:

  • Main Structure made of varnished steel;
  • Electrical cabinet is fixed to the machine;
  • Motorized film-reel unwinding system;
  • Motorized film-pulling unit;
  • Self-centering reel holding unit;
  • Sealing system with 3 independent movements, for a better sealing and for the prevention of the knife breakage;
  • Bag length measuring system: Encoder
  • End of film automatic detection system with automatic machine pause when the film-reel is over;
  • Sealing bar safety device;
  • Impulse Sealing System: with sealing band (PE) or Hot Bar (PP);
  • Air cooling system in the sealing area;
  • Interchangeable forming tube having. external diameter of max 170mm;
  • Max. bag length: 450mm;
  • Max. empty bag width: 270 mm;
  • Max film reel width: 560mm.
  • PLC control system.
  • CE Certification.
  • Power Supply: 380V-50HZ-3 phase+N-Ground

An output conveyor belt that can be placed on the front or side of the machine. Construction made of painted steel, complete with anti-slip rubber canvas to allow the bags to be evacuated.

Accumulation rotating table with a diameter of 1200mm, ideal to be placed after the output conveyor belt. Construction made of duly painted steel.

Largura Máxima da Bobina de Filme:

560 mm

Sistema Elétrico

380V-50HZ-3 phase+N-Terra

Max. bag length


Max. empty bag width

270 mm

Max film reel width


Power Supply

380V-50HZ-3 phase+N-Ground

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