Albipack - Packaging Systems Solutons marked two decades of activity in September 2020. Dedicated to packaging solutions, the company based in Águeda has grown steadily, investing on a new communication and marketing strategy to consolidate its national and international positioning. 

"It is true, more than twenty years have passed since I arrived in Portugal and created Albipack" said Elio Costantino, Chairman of the company. "I found entrepreneurs who believed in my project, in the capacity and quality of the equipment we represented. In this way, day after day, Albipack strengthened itself more and more, increasing its client portfolio and presenting new packaging solutions, having achieved new representations from Italian partners".

In a rather atypical year, consequence of a global pandemic to which nobody was unaware, Albipack felt the need to send a message of confidence and resilience to the market. Not being able to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in the way it deserved, Albipack wanted to mark this date  with the beginning of a "New Era".

Albipack will have a new home. The move to larger facilities will allow the growth of the team and provide a significant improvement in the conditions to develop increasingly bold solutions, innovative and of greater "calibre". The new building will allow the team to have enough quality office space. The warehouse, also of larger dimensions, will guarantee the improvement in the organisation of work and storage spaces. The desired result is to allow the team to work more efficiently, providing the customer with packaging products and services that meet their needs, aiming at continuous improvement.

The new facilities will present "a new and wider showroom; new technical offices, duly prepared to support new commercial projects; develop the integration of equipment in automatic lines and, most importantly, ensure an after-sales service also supported with remote service "I4.0" for our clients," highlights Elio Costantino. "The demand for a new and bigger space, represents Albipack's growth path".

The Chairman of the company also points out that "over the last few years we have been investing in R&D, presenting innovative ideas and projects to the market, that have been distinguished by innovation bodies in the European Community".

To speak of Albipack is to speak of quality and the certification for the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System will be the mark that illustrates this quality in our products and services. 

"I want to thank all our esteemed clients for the continued trust in Albipack", he starts by emphasizing. "A deserved compliment to our current colleagues, who are wonderful in their work, dedication and professionalism. A special recognition to our technical team, very well prepared and available to make sacrifices for the satisfaction of our clients, a team well managed by our technical director Pedro Ferreira". 

"A heartfelt thanks to my two children, who are part of the company's team - important pillars for Albipack's success and future, and last but not least, I want to thank with special gratitude my wife Antonina, an important and decisive companion in embracing the opportunity for change of direction that emerged on our path", concludes Albipack's founder.

It is at a difficult moment that Albipack wants to show strength by transmitting confidence and being available to accompany its clients and welcoming bigger and more challenging projects.

Let the next twenty years come.

Fabio Costantino
Marketing Manager - Albipack




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