ALBIPACK has a wide range of packaging solutions according to the different needs of the market.  In fact, there may be some difficulty in differentiating the methods used by the equipment, namely between Shrink Wrap, Vacuum, Thermosealing and Skin Packaging methods.

Find out the differences between these packaging methods so that you can find the most complete solution, according to your individual needs.


Shrink Wrap Packaging

This solution is often confused with vacuum packaging, however the two solutions have different characteristics, as well as different equipment for their operation.

First, the product is inserted into the opening of the plastic film and placed inside the equipment. The machines carry out the packaging by retracting the plastic caused by the heat originating inside the bell or the retraction tunnel.

The result is a product packaged with a shiny appearance and with plastic adhering to all product surfaces. Unlike the vacuum, the shrink wrap is not airtight. The plastic is micro-perforated to allow air to escape during packaging and shrinking of the plastic.

With our complete and highly diversified portfolio, we were able to satisfy all requirements in terms of format, mode of operation and performance ranges. Starting from the manual version of the hood for simpler solutions, passing through semi-automatic solutions with a heating oven, to automatic models for more demanding performances, we can satisfy any packaging need.

As you can see in the following video, this method allows the entire surface of the product to be covered with a protective layer.


Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging machines allow the creation of an oxygen-free atmosphere, which slows the appearance of bacteria and fungi, so that the food can be refrigerated or frozen, increasing its Shelf Life.

The packaging in vacuum bags allows the products to be kept sterile inside, possible only with a protective sealing system, perfectly airtight and resistant, preserving the product from the external environment.

This solution is ideal for the long-term preservation of food products, such as meat and fish.

We have a complete portfolio of models that range from the simple bench version, to the double chamber or chamber mat versions for faster performance.

You can consult our range of vacuum packaging equipment here:


Thermosealing and Thermosealing Skin Packaging

These two packaging methods are characterized by the sealing of food products using a layer of plastic film, placed over a cuvette.

The packaging process in Heat Seal can be simple, or in ATM - Protected Atmosphere. The latter is characterized by the introduction of a mixture of gas, already present in the atmosphere: Nitrogen (N2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2). In addition to increasing the product's useful life, ATM technology allows to maintain product properties and reduce the growth of microbial organisms.

The other applicable aspect in the Heat Seal is SKIN. This technology was initially conceived to satisfy the fish industry, however, in recent years its demand has been expressed by other sectors.

Visualize the functioning of the equipment suitable for these two packaging methods:


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