Blister Machines

Equipment indicated for the production of more demanding Skin and / or Blister packages.

For the configuration of the working cycle (Skin or Blister) and depending on the type of film to be used and the product to pack, the BLISTER 5070 EV is equipped with a touchscreen panel with intuitive programming.

For a simplified and quick use, it has a system of code recording of the previously used settings, just by accessing them whenever necessary.

Blister operation has tangential fans (optional) for the cooling of the thermoforming process; blowing air to unstick the thermoformed film from the molds and also gradual lifting of the film support ring depending on the height of the mold.

The side support tables allow for faster, more ergonomic work, which ends with a film cutting system at the end of the work cycle.

We have a qualified technical department for the projection and realization of Blister molds.


Up to 2 cycles/minute

Maximum Card Dimensions

495 x 695 mm

Max. Product Height

180 mm


2450 x 1450 x 1700 mm (CxLxA)

Workbench Height

350 mm


350 Kg

Electric Supply

400 V - 3 Ph


8 Kw

Compressed Air

5 NI/Ciclos

Air Consumption

6 bar