Blister Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine for more efficient production.

The process of packaging the skin system consists of fixing the product to a cardboard base through a transparent plastic film.

The plastic film is heated by a heat diffuser panel. Subsequently the plastic sticks to the carton by vacuum action, moulding itself to the profile of the object.

General Fundamentals of Operation:

• Manual positioning of the products on the carton and consequent movement of the products to the centre of the work table:

• It has an infrared resistance panel with automatic film heating system that is supported by a frame, thus ensuring perfect blocking of the film;

• Automatic lowering of the frame from the heating position to the packaging position;

• Automatic insertion and removal of air vacuum/suction of the packages;

• Automatic film cutting at the end of each work cycle;

• Manual opening of the frame after the end of each working cycle, so that it is possible to remove the cardboard;

• Possibility to program the heating time and the use of the vacuum pump;

• Ability to perform manually the operations described above;

• Requires compressed air.


  • Easy and robust;
  • Low maintenance (one operator);
  • Non-compressor operation;
  • Works with standard plastic film.

Machine made according to CE rules.


Up to 2 cycles/min

Maximum Card Dimensions

495 x 695 mm

Max. Product Height

180 mm


2450 x 1450 x 1700 mm

Workbench Height

350 mm


350 Kg

Electric Supply

400 V - 3 Ph


8 Kw

Compressed Air

5 NI/Cycles

Air Consumption

6 bar


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