Vertical Packaging Machines

BG EASY COMBI VOLUMETRIC (medium version and big version) 

The medium version has a 25-liter dispenser, the 50-liter big one.
Dosing combined system volume-weight : allow to weigh powdery products through an auger combined with a weigher.
This innovative system is much more precise than the classic volumetric one because it’s not affected by the change of granulometry, humidity and type of product to be packed.
It’s not necessary the connection with a screw elevator or a depressor because all the product inside the hopper, from the first bag until the last one, is weighed accurately. In normal volumetric dosers without scales, the correct weight is directly connected to the quantity of product inside the hopper with very significant margins of errors.

 By using augers of different diameter, optional, you can weigh from few grams till some kilos. 
Speed of dosage can be set through touch screen.

The weight is stored in a few seconds by setting a roughing weight (at the speed of the high auger) and a finishing weight (at a normally lower speed) for a practically perfect dosing.

Option: pneumatic cover in the final part of the cochlea for sliding powders.


Volt 220 monofase - KW 2


80 x80 x 200 h cm


180 kg

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