Blister Machines

Equipment Features:

  • Constructed with welded steel laminates in rigid structure that features a "C" shape;
  • It has a welding power of 6 to 9 kW;
  • Contains an automatic rotary table with electromechanical drive;
  • It has several workstations with dimensions of 350x500 or 500x700 mm.

General Fundamentals of Operation:

  • The TVR4 welder operates on the frequency of 27.12 MHz with ceramic triode and anti-transistor discharge for RF generation;
  • It works with pneumatic and hydraulic press with stroke of 250 mm and closing force of up to 1000 kg;
  • It features a touchscreen-controlled operation console and operator pushbuttons;
  • It has a useful area of 500x700 mm in both the heated plate and the welding plate;
  • It has pneumatic cylinders for the lifting of the disc during the rotation phase.

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