Flow-Pack Machines

Flow-Pack Horizontal Horizontal Machine for flow-pack type packaging, ideal to be adapted in combination with automatic feeding systems with high speed.
This Flow-Pack machine achieves a mechanical speed of up to 500 beats per minute.It's built in RAL 9006 steel and AISI 304 stainless steel crankcase. The new 10-inch screen allows you to store up to 99 different programs for a more flexible use.

Main characteristics :

  • Top Film;
  • Cantee levered style construction;
  • Main structure painted RAL 9006; All guards and product contact parts in Stainless Steal Aisi 304;
  • Short infeed conveyor with prevision for receiving belts from automatic feeding system;
  • Four sets of fin wheels for longitudinal seal plus set of folding wheels;
  • 2-up jaws 240 mm wide for transverse seal;
  • Full electronic machine (Five brushless motors);
  • Mobile color Touch Screen control panel;
  • Mechanical speed 500 strokes per minute;
  • Machine suitable for heat-seal materials such as Polypropylene and laminates.

Main Accessories

  • Photocell for print-registered film;
  • Printers;
  • Zig-Zag knives;
  • Others upon request.

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